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Btw, have you paid yet?

Remember that time when nobody wanted to foot the bill first, because of the trouble of having to split, then chase people for money? These days, it has become a digital problem – group ordering on food delivery apps is a common occurrence, and bill splitting continues to be an inconvenient experience.

This project aims to tackle this problem elegantly within the Grab app.


Grab is currently a super-app with many products under its hood. They’re primarily known for their ride-hailing service and their food delivery service. As an industry leader, Grab has continually updated their product to improve the user experience.

The ability to split bills is one way we can do so – and it’ll come in handy for both their primary services.

the solution

Introducing GrabSplit

GrabSplit is a fully integrated bill splitter introduced as part of the checkout experience in Grab.

Fully automated bill splitting.
Just choose who.
Get notified & pay for your share.
Just pick yours.
Automated reminders for the forgetful ones.
So you wouldn't have to.
This is a self-initiated project. I am not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Grab or their subsidiaries in any way.