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Netflix Parties

Embracing a new normal.

Netflix Party is a browser extension that synchronises video playback between multiple users, allowing people to watch Netflix together online. This service blew up in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, as more countries started to limit social interactions.

This project is my personal take on how such a feature might look like if it were natively implemented into Netflix.

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To start off, I first identified issues that users experienced with the Netflix Party extension. To do so, I drew up the current user flow, making it easy to pinpoint potential pain points.

With the current user flow, a few issues became apparent. I listed them down, with a goal of tackling them in the integrated design.

The updated user flow helped to ensure that the key issues identified were tackled and that there were no other glaring problems to be addressed.

The final cut.

With the user needs in mind, and based off the proposed user flow, an initial prototype was created for further usability testing.

Feature Onboarding

The pop-up notification was designed with Netflix’s design language in mind and looks consistent across the app.

Switch between shows easily.

Leaving a movie while in a Party will bring up multiple options, allowing users to easily switch shows, or pass the remote.

Just chill and watch.

Seamless integration with a clear flow, so you can just enjoy a good show with your friends entirely within the Netflix app.

This is a self-initiated project. I am not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Netflix or their subsidiaries in any way.